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A Nordic way of opening a city’s waterfront: co-operation with Nordic Urban


We are very glad to help Nordic Urban explore ways of establishing a new floating swimming pool in their new potential location in Tallinn, Estonia. Nordic Urban develops and operates floating well-being hubs by the waters of great cities.

Their first Allas Sea Pool Helsinki opened in May 2017 and has become a landmark and calling card of Helsinki. The Finnish real estate developer has numerous ongoing negotiations for developing Allas facilities in new cities. They aim to create projects in places where the Allas concept associated funding requirements and city strategy and plans are all aligned. The final site selection is based on extensive feasibility studies.

Future Place Leadership is supporting Nordic Urban by helping them compile information and data for their feasibility studies. We are very glad and motivated to help this fantastic concept spread, as it helps to open waterfronts in cities. The great thing is that in the Allas pools, people can swim either in heated outdoor pools – or in the open sea.

Stay tuned for updates in 2022!

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