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Attracting and retaining talent in Skåne and Greater Copenhagen

What can you learn? See key findings below.

More and more European places are taking active steps to enhance their attractiveness to talent and skilled professionals. What are the best strategies and tools for this?

Greater Copenhagen – encompassing 31 municipalities in Denmark and in Skåne, Sweden – chose Future Place Leadership to assist International House Copenhagen, Invest in Skåne and International Citizen Hub Lund to analyse the talent ecosystem and provide recommendations on making what is a benchmarked and exemplary talent region even better than they are today.

We provided an analysis of  the international talents’ situation, an overview of the advanced, but often scattered services offered in the Copenhagen area and southern Sweden, and provided recommendations on further actions and concrete steps that should be taken in future. The focus of the task was on welcoming and retaining international highly qualified internationals in the region, bearing in mind the branding and attraction activities as well. In the final report, benefits for society and locals were outlined as well.

Key learning for all cities and regions – relationships matter

We were very happy to apply our latest framework, the Talent Relationship Management model. The logic therein is simple – talents come and go. What cities, regions and countries can do is to provide them with the best User Experience. That requires setting up and continuously co-ordinating various services that different organisations provide. Packaging and marketing are important, too. The journey begins with Branding and Attracting, and due to the nature of place branding, it is made possible only with providing soft-landing services (mainly Receiving and but also Working & Living). If those are set in place, creating a good User Experience of the place has a greater likelihood. That in turn will feed into the cycle and help to attract new talent.

What we found during our work, was among other things that indeed it is the relationship with an individual talent that matters. Talking about the public sector and of cities-regions-countries needing to attract talents, it is macroeconomic and labour market arguments that set the scene. Amidst all of this, it may be often overlooked that while the issue is about the bottom line and measurable economic growth for the companies and places that need more hands on deck, it is in the end about the people. It is about how they perceive and experience a strange, new city, country, culture and way of doing things. In conducting their daily life – the banking, housing, schooling, daycare, social life, professional networking – what will they experience in this new place? Is it bureaucracy or service?

If the Receiving and Working & Living services are not provided with quality, the initial hard work of attracting an international talent to the region in the first place will be a wasted effort.

More information

See  illustration of the Talent Relationship Management toolkit below. For further information, download the the handbook ‘Talent Beyond Capitals’ here. Here a special focus is on how non-capital towns can improve their efforts in this regard, especially in the Northern European Baltic Sea Region. Case studies of practical examples of tools and strategies in use are used to inspire and promote action among the readers of this handbook.

Talent Relationship Management

For more information

Download our free handbook Talent Beyond Capitals to learn about examples and tools how to attract and retain talent in non-capital cities.

To learn more about successful and innovative strategies for Talent Attraction Management and how to use it, check out book “Innovation Talent Attraction: A practitioner’s guide for Cities, Regions and Countries”.

Join international talent managers and learn from the best with the best at the Talent Attraction Management for Cities and Regions 2018, November 28-29 in Malmö and Lund / Greater Copenhagen. This is the 3rd year we are holding the event, having held sessions in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Berlin. Participants have included teams from Singapore, Dubai, Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Birmingham and other European locations, not to mention the Nordics.

Want to know more about this particular assignment, or how we can help your city, region, start-up ecosystem or country become more attractive to talent?

Contact Pärtel-Peeter Pere for more information or a free consultation on talent attraction.

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