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Copenhagen’s Strategy on Talent Attraction & Green Transition – On Stage at Nordic Place Branding Conference 2023

During this year’s Nordic Place Branding Conference in Helsinki on May 2nd, I am excited to introduce Copenhagen Capacity as one of our keynote speakers! 

Nordic Place Branding Conference is the best networking event in the Nordics for Place Branding, Talent Attraction, Investment Promotion, Placemaking and Destination Development. Attending #NPBC is a great opportunity to enhance your toolbox of best practices across Europe and improve business relationships.

CopCap are one of the frontrunners in Europe on talent attraction, hands down. If you look at the awards alone, that they have accumulated across different disciplines within economic development at large throughout the years, it is clear they are the go-to organization for best practice in place promotion. 

In terms of talent attraction these are some of my favorite aspects of Copenhagen and how they do things: 

  • Very advanced digital campaign platform 
  • A strong stakeholder coalition from Copenhagen to Greater Copenhagen to State of Denmark 
  • International House Copenhagen as the one-stop-shop for soft landing for talents
  • Recent focus on skills for the green transition 
  • Very passionate and dedicated team many of which are international themselves 
  • Strong leadership focus and support from top management

Coincidentally, in a few weeks I will be in Copenhagen, joining CopCap’s 10-year anniversary celebration of being engaged in talent attraction for places. It’s going to be a great opportunity to look back and take stock on things that have passed, that are and will be.

“They” and “their” really are wrong words for me to use. I was actually there. Some of the best years of my career to be honest. At the time of joining in 2009 it became quite clear that Copenhagen Capacity was at a crossroads. Or in a ‘interesting business development opportunity’ sort of a situation to frame it differently. Reason being: The primary client – the investor – was increasingly saying that access to skilled talent would be their number one decision-making factor for choosing Copenhagen as their location for business. And that was the beginning of our journey at CopCap. We started with a blank piece of paper on what to do. And went to work. 

Since then Copenhagen Capacity has become a frontrunner strategically and operationally and how places can succeed in attracting and retaining international talent. The 7 years I spent with the organization were incredible, and when I left, we remained very close. Good colleagues are still there. Amazing new talent in the organization are paving the way forward. We at Future Place Leadership get to be a part of their journey now as collaborators and consultants. For example, through European Talent Mobility Forum, which we proudly launched pre-pandemic. At this forum the leading entities across Europe have come together to go above and beyond for global talent. Copenhagen of course is one of the founding members. 

At this year’s Nordic Place Branding Conference, Dan Rosenberg, the Strategy and Talent Acquisition Lead at CopCap, will share Copenhagen’s current strategy: ‘A New Era – Talent Attraction as The Driving Force Behind Green Transition’.The green energy transition is expected to generate 10,3 million net new jobs by 2030. If Denmark wants to maintain its position as a front runner in the field, the need to find solutions for international talent attraction and retention is higher than ever. Therefore, Copenhagen Capacity and 36 national partners have taken the initiative to run a 3-year EU project to attract & connect local and international talent to Danish companies, and to guide companies on how to hire international talent and academics.

Join us on the 2nd and 3rd of May in Helsinki to hear the full story, listen to our other great keynotes and to network and connect with your colleagues across Europe!

See you in Helsinki,

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