City of Helsinki

Working with the City of Helsinki has been a great journey. They know the Nordic management and co-operation model where a horisontal and empowered way of working makes you get a sense of teamwork.

The innovative Finnish capital has a lot going for it. Having been the Design Capital of the World in 2012 and a strong contributor to what makes Nordic design, the city really shows and doesn’t tell – with creating the position of Chief Design Officer of the city (first in the world!) or building the Löyly sauna in the city centre.

They are currently working on rebranding the city. We have worked together on organising our biggest ever Nordic Place Branding Conference 2017. We have also contributed to with presenting City of Helsinki examples how other cities and regions have successfully built their brands as well as how the managerial process looks like (city branding beyond the logo).

Stay tuned for Helsinki’s new brand platform launch in June! Have a look here.

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