Storytelling for the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

Swedish institute
September-December 2016

The 7th Strategy Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region took place in Stockholm, November 8-9 2016. We had the exciting task to travel in the region and interview people who live and implement the EU Strategy in real life. Together with Støvring Woodward Communications we put a human face and real stories to the large macroregional EU strategy that people probably tend to see as something abstract and distant.

The project helped to communicate how to implement the EU BSR Strategy through personal stories. We managed to give the strategy a human face, giving people in the entire region something to relate to, whether they work with the environment or the sea, with youth, gender equality, IT or work with sustainability. Turns out, the strategy has quite a lot of impact across the sea here.

This was an exciting job where we got to meet and interview people from Tallinn Estonia to Næstved in Denmark to the Swedish Prime Minister.

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