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Helping Copenhagen Business School to retain international talent in Denmark


Future Place Leadership has initiated a partnership with Copenhagen Business School and their full-time MBA programme. The vast majority of the business executive enrolling in the programme are internationals and most of them want to stay in Denmark after completion of their degree.

Copenhagen Business School wants to innovate their service offerings in that regard and strengthen their partnership outreach. Future Place Leadership will assist with among others:

  • Integrate the full-time MBA programme more into the ecosystem of economic development organisations and growth clusters of Greater Copenhagen
  • Explore potential partnerships with headhunters
  • Evaluate corporate satisfaction level and full-time hire situation of all former and current strategy project companies
  • Strengthen communication of Denmark as a career destination and optimise recruitment to match skills gap and leading industries of the Danish labour market

Director of Talent Attraction & Business Development of Future Place Leadership, Morten King-Grubert:

“Having worked extensively in Greater Copenhagen to attract, welcome and employ international talent in many companies from start-ups to large size organisations, and having run multiple career coaching programmes in Denmark and beyond, Future Place Leadership has extensive understanding of the challenges facing the graduating MBA candidates related to securing jobs in Denmark post their degree.

With a wide network of relevant regional economic development partners in the Nordics and Europe, Future Place Leadership is well equipped to also foster career opportunities outside of Denmark to the business executives”.

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