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Digitalisation for Attractive Places now underway!

Handbook coming soon!

Digital transformation offers immense opportunities for making places more attractive for residents, talent, investors and visitors.

How to make digital transformation happen?

Many places struggle to foster a strategic approach to digitalisation, to involve stakeholders and citizens in creating new solutions or to understand which technologies that offer most benefits.

Together with 12 Nordic cities and regions we have started a project that explores how digitalisation can be used for place attractiveness.

Important questions that we will address: 

  • How can different stakeholders – such as city/region, business, academia and social entrepreneurs – collaboratively employ digital transformation in order to create more attractive places?
  • How can the change needed to adopt new technologies and solutions be managed? How can resistance to new technologies be overcome?
  • How can places make open data available to stakeholders and target groups? And what are the risks and pitfalls? How can collaboration be encouraged and risks be mitigated ?
  • How can policymaking and work modes be more agile and innovative in order to unlock the full potential of digital technologies?
  • How can technologies/methods such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Big Data, blockchain and Machine Learning (AI) be used for making a place more attractive to residents, companies, investors, talents and tourists?

The project is run by us providing the strategic framework and management tools. ustwo, a Malmö and London based digital product studio, will provide the insights into digital tools. Together, we will provide all the necessary facilitation to get from words to action.

What next?

We will publish a handbook at the end of the project, so stay tuned for updates!

More information 

Please contact Marcus Andersson for more information or a free consultation on place digitalisation.

See the project description and ask for a tailored training or consultation from us.

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