SNOW – Nordic Placemaking TALK

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Workshop 2 – December 14th

8h30 to 10h CET

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Join us in investigating snow placemaking just in time for the holidays.

Even though the Nordics have extreme winter conditions compared to other countries, we do not all enjoy snow the same way. Some of us may rarely see snow, and some love it while others hate it. A snowy landscape is beautiful and there are many fun winter activities like snowball fights, skiing, skating, and sledding. But navigating the city by car, bike, or pram, can be a challenge. In the winter the amounts of snow pile up to huge mounds in the north whilst melting to depressing sleets in the south.

Share your experiences of snowy and cold winter in this combined seminar and workshop. We will explore the conditions of snow and cold as drivers for more attractive public places, how cities can be planned for arctic climates, and how temporary installations can attract people to dare to go outside!


Kiruna masterplan and strategy 

Mikael Stenqvist, Leader Kiruna masterplan winning competition entry

Kiruna, the northernmost city of Sweden, is undergoing a massive relocation due to the land deformation caused by its iron ore mine. Mikael Stenqvist led the winning team of the new masterplan and strategy. He will share the vision of the masterplan and give a glimpse of how far the relocation has reached today, together with points on how to strengthen public life in an arctic climate.

Warming Huts, Winnipeg

Peter Hargraves, project leader for Warming Huts.

Started in 2009, Warming Huts is an art and architecture competition melding world-class design and art with Winnipeg’s famous winters. Entries consist of huts or art installations that are placed on a frozen river intersection known as the River Trail in Winnipeg.


The talks will be followed by a workshop to co-create placemaking solutions inspired by cold and snow.

Watch the video here.



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    SNOW – Nordic Placemaking TALK

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