Talent Mobility Seminar

November 29th 2018
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Guest speaker: Kajal Sanghrajka, Churchill Fellow Researcher and Entrepreneur

How can cities and regions co-operate on attracting and retaining talent instead of competing with each other? It is on everybody’s mind as the next frontier in talent attraction. 

More and more European locations are now taking active steps to enhance their attractiveness to skilled workforce, creative talent and entrepreneurs – but what are the best strategies and tools for attracting talent, now and in the future?

What if the next major innovation in talent attraction is not zero-sum competition, but sharing talents? There are different cities with different value offers for different target groups. Some cities attract talent in a certain age or sector, while others can cater better to an age profile that would appreciate a smaller, calmer and family friendly environment.


GUEST SPEAKER: Kajal Sanghrajka, Churchill Fellow Researcher and entrepreneur. Kajal does research and writes regularly at The Transatlantic Post on all things talent (see her last post on Finland). About Kajal.

She will be speaking about How can cities and regions co-operate on attracting and retaining talent instead of competing with each other?

Target group

The programme instructors represent some of the leading practitioners in the field in Europe, who are all in town from the TAMEU18 training the previous day. 

We are expecting managerial level investment promotion and economic development professionals whose purview includes skilled labour, economic growth and labour issues. 



Focus of conference

Participants will benefit from open and frank facilitated group discussions, where we will share experiences and workshop on sharing of best TAM practises between participants. We will discus potential co-operation projects. 

Nordic and European cities are different enough to learn from each other, but similar enough to co-operate on talent attraction. We believe this is true especially in the case of non-European talent, who may well regard the region as a whole.

Hands-on programme

After the morning workshop and lunch, we will go see how talents work in action. Courtesy of International Citizen Hub Lund, we will get to see how a prime talent attraction management region works with international talents. We will visit

Part of the programme!

Those wanting to stay on for the weekend, will receive free access to the World Trade Centre Lund for working space. We will provide you with introductions and a tour with the key people there.


One person € 490 and two persons 290 € (excluding VAT). Includes course materials, lunch and refreshments. On the previous day, we will hold the TAMEU18 training in Malmö where several people will join the conference.

ONLY 25 participants will be admitted!

The session will take place in Greater Copenhagen in co-operation with International Citizen Hub Lund. The airport to use is Copenhagen airport and take the 30 min train to Lund.


Talent Mobility Seminar

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