Webinar – ‘(Mis)beliefs in Talent Attraction’

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Free webinar – January 19th

14.30 – 15.30 CET

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You are

You share the mission to work towards a sustainable economy with prosperity for all. Optimizing access to talent is your focus. Attracting and retaining international talent is amongst the instruments. 

The challenges you’re facing

✔ Getting your stakeholders aligned
✔ Getting approval (and budget!) for your well thought out plans
✔ There is a lack of urgency amongst decision makers
✔ You experience adversary amongst certain politicians
✔ You and/or the department in the organisation you work for are relatively new and small in the context of (regional) economic development
✔ A lot is expected from you, the results wished for are not always realistic

The solution

We start at the foundation. We check the assumptions underlying your plans. Check the beliefs underlying the responses too.

The goals for the session

✔ Increase awareness of our ‘programming’ regarding topics relating to attracting and retaining talent

✔ Recognise assumptions we hold ourselves and our stakeholders

✔ Better understand how to assess the validity of these assumptions

✔ Feel assured to adopt a more data-driven approach to make discussions more objective

✔ Feel empowered to address misbeliefs amongst your stakeholders

The webinar outline

✔ A one hour, online, interactive discussion room.

✔ A poll on your assessment: true or false? 

✔ A dialogue on most effective responses

Most of all, it should be fun. Learning while laughing.
From experience – as consultants at Future Place Leadership and as practitioners in the past eg. at Copenhagen Capacity and the International Community Platform – we will share practices that worked. The things we have learned in working towards shared goals and crafting commitment.  

The costs

It’s all free!

An article series on the topic:

Interested in more info? Nicole has written a whole 6 part series on the topic. Go read them all and get selected insights for your learning experience.

Your Hosts:

Nicole van Haelst

Senior Adviser, Innovation hubs and talent acquisition

Phone:+31 654980909


Morten King-Grubert

Director of Talent and Business Development

Phone:+45 61 30 45 26

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Nicole van Haelst


    Webinar – ‘(Mis)beliefs in Talent Attraction’

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