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Improving value propositions for investors in Finland

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Future Place Leadership has been commissioned by Business Finland to coach regional authorities in Eastern Finland to effectively promote their value proposition for potential foreign investors.

Specifically, a total of seven training sessions were carried out, some in a seminar format and others in two day sessions with presentations and workshops. Over a six month period, the Business Attraction Management (‘BAM’) (see handbook) concept was introduced and discussed and what we call the Attracting phase was one clear focus: The challenge of reaching the right people, selecting channels and methods was analysed, and the regional representatives applied the insights to their respective value offers, presentations and websites.

In order to articulate a clear offer for a well-defined target group, the BAM Canvas method was used, and the participants were trained in formulating specific place value propositions for the most relevant industries in their provinces.

Finally, workshops and networking were dedicated to improving the co-operation and hand-over between BAM work at the national, provincial and local levels. The resulting orchestration will enable Eastern Finland to provide a wide range of industry specific strengths while differentiating each province.

How can you use Business Attraction Management with investment promotion?

According to BAM,

  1. There is a need to see the potential of investment attraction in a broader sense beyond the ‘traditional’ green- and brown field investments: From green- and brown field to partnerships, corporate venturing, start-up attraction and growth capital.
  2. A holistic approach requires co-operation and systemic leadership in a multi-stakeholder setting, involving public sector, business, education and perhaps also the third sector.
  3. Agile and experimental attitude is a must – those locations that dare to try new things will come out as winners in this competition.
  4. Place-based focus: from national to regional to local, there should be a Place Value Proposition to mobilise and articulate the advantages to a potential investor. A tool for this is the ‘BAM Canvas’ we have developed.

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