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New Talent Ambassador Programme – International House Leuven, Belgium


Another ambassador initiative goes live

We are working with International House Leuven in Belgium on developing its first ambassador programme, which is a subdomain of talent attraction and retention for places that is close to our heart.

As a part of its activities in the field of welcoming and orientation, the International House Leuven wants to start up a Welcome Ambassador Program, teaming up with Leuven residents (international or not) and new international knowledge workers, researchers, entrepreneurs and spouses.

The assignment will pilot the International House Leuven’s Ambassador Programme from start to finish, where the goal is to present ideas on how the programme should be run – The who, what, when, where, why, and how.

When Future Place Leadership recently did the Berlin Expat Study, the most typical response to why people moved to Berlin, was a recommendation from a friend through personal relations. During the Nordic Place Branding Conference in Helsingborg, June 22, the ambassador programme was one of the most popular topics we discussed with the industry practitioners – presented by keynote speaker Amélie Drouet and the Headstart Career Ambassador programme.

In other words:

If you want to stand out as a career hub, be relevant to and reach an international audience with a strong value proposition. You need to understand your customer and end-user experiences and leverage those insights for both policy making and promotional activities. We believe launching, optimizing and scaling a talent ambassador programme is essential for all places active in the human capital agenda to improve your attraction, welcoming and integrating efforts towards global and non-local talents. – Morten King-Grubert, FPL

Time to start or optimize an ambassador programme?

We are always on the lookout for great ambassador initiatives and eager to connect existing initiatives with each other for knowledge sharing and 2.0 development purposes. Maybe you are simply interested in getting started. In either case. Maybe our Ambassador co-creation journey is something for your region?

Some of our examples from Europe

Future Place Leadership has been involved in Ambassador programmes all over Europe. Check out a few examples  here: Italy, Scotland, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

About International House Leuven:

An initiative of the City of Leuven and Leuven MindGate, the International House Leuven is an information, knowledge and service center for internationals and their families, and for organisations in the Leuven region employing international talent. The ambition is to provide support relative to relocation, social integration, living and working in the Leuven region. International House Leuven is the vibrant hub for local networking and community building. It strengthens and showcases Leuven’s diverse and international character.

More news on Talent Attraction cases here.

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