Interviewed by The Place Brand Observer


Pärtel-Peeter Pere, our CEO and partner shares his thoughts on the Nordic Region, Brand Estonia, talent attraction strategies, nation branding challenges and city branding trends.

Read the interview here. 

Learn about:

  • How working for the European Parliament triggered Pärtel-Peeter Pere’s interest in nation branding;
  • Why Estonians consider their country to be Nordic, not Eastern European;
  • How small countries can build a strong, sustainable nation brand;
  • How digitalization can put countries and cities on the world map;
  • Why inequality and multiple identities are making nation branding more difficult;
  • Key success factors for attracting talent to cities.
  • Examples of regional, participatory place branding projects in the Nordics;
  • Major place branding trends in Europe.

Key insights:

  • People are not interested in a country’s history or self-perception (unless they plan to visit or research it for work or personal interests). Whether a city, region or country – to earn your reputation, you need to do something new, innovative or experimental.
  • By offering target groups a valuable service and working with digitalization internationally, is how even a tiny country (like Estonia) can develop positive brand associations.
  • City leaders sometimes underestimate the impact that changing job and location has on talented individuals. It is one of the most important decisions they will make in their life.
  • Cities are waking up to the fact that the only way they can capture the future workforce of highly-skilled, mobile individuals and meet their demands is to increase their visibility.
  • Cities and regions across the EU which are no natural magnets for talent and investments need to focus on making their place more attractive for a location-independent workforce.

Read the interview here. 

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