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Launching Talent Ambassador Corps in Savonia, Finland

Varkaus is nestled in the heart of the Finnish Lakeland

Together with Navitas Business Services, Future Place Leadership is excited to announce that we will co-create and launch a pilot initiative for an ambassador corps of 7 global talents living in the Middle-Savonia region.


The global talents will be awarded an honory title of place ambassadors and become story tellers of “why Savonia” to their industry peers and university alumni network. In doing so, the goal is to provide a win-win relationship, where the global talents feel appreciated and get value from the programme through personal branding, competence development, access to key decision makers and fun activities. The region in return benefits from peer-to-peer marketing activities.

Beyond the direct marketing activities promoting the region, the side effect of the programme is also to leverage the platform to strengthen the ecosystem partnership and collaboration across employers, talents, startup communities, cluster organisations and relevant service providers.

Director of Talent Attraction and Busines Development at Future Place Leadership, Morten King-Grubert: “We are huge fans of ambassador programmes as an enabler for how places can attract talent. An innovative co-creation platform, the concept utilises the user experience as the key marketing element – where the storyteller is not the promoting region themselves, or a hired external agency, but a single person, who represents the target group themselves. Same age, occupation, industry and home country. By peer-to-peer recommendation from talents currently living and working in Savonia, these outstanding talents will share their story to their own network back “home”. Sharing authentic experiences is much more trustworthy than any employer, branding expert or recruiting agency can do.”

Located 3.5 hours from Helsinki, Varkaus is a Middle-Savonian industrial town and municipality of Finland. It is located in the province of Eastern Finland and is part of the Northern Savonia region. Navitas Business Services reinforces regional attractiveness and development of businesses, and enhances employment in the Varkaus area. The collaboration between Future Place Leadership and Navitas Business services is another example of how smaller, more remote locations can make their claim and voice heard in global talent attraction and retention arena. A particular interest and focus area of Future Place Leadership.

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