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Future Place Leadership team

From Tendensor International to Future Place Leadership

Future Place Leadership is the new name of Tendensor International. We decided to change our name because we have widened our services and getting more international by the day. Our journey has taken us from the Nordics to Singapore, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Spain and further beyond the horizon.

Innovating and Leading Places

We are a Stockholm based a Nordic management consultancy specialising in the development, innovation and marketing of places. Future Place Leadership will help you become more attractive, sustainable and connected.

We offer four types of services: inspiration to start new place-based initiatives, analysis, strategy and execution.

Talent attraction, investment promotion and place branding will remain our core. We will also help our clients become more sustainable and connected, to the benefit of people and business.

Places – cities, regions, countries and innovation arenas – are challenged by attractiveness and urban regeneration, rural economic development, innovation, sustainability and climate change, integration and internationalisation. We will help you deal with these challenges.

Our mission

We make places more attractive, connected and sustainable for people and business, by helping them to turn the grand challenges of our time into opportunities. In short, we make places great.

Stay tuned for high quality training courses, events and services.

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