Future Place Leadership Increased Turnover by 50%

Thank you for your business and support!

July 2021/June 22 fiscal year for us at Future Place Leadership: Audit done. We have grown turnover by close to 50 percent!

And last year was not a bad year either. We remain a purpose driven, profitable, sustainable, and scalable company dedicated to empowering places to do and be better.

Our DNA remains Nordic in values and our HQ is in Stockholm. Yet we operate remotely across 4 continents From Europe to North America. From Africa to Asia. One word #dreamteam. Our clients have long stopped being clients. They are business partners. Collaborators really.

THANK YOU for putting your trust in us. These are challenging times for places. Geopolitical turmoil, economic downturn, climate issues, health, food, energy, and supply chain challenges, you name it. We’re more united than ever together now to act and collaborate across municipality borders, between cities and regions as well as internationally. Proud and humbled to work with all of you across Scandinavia, Europe and beyond. Onwards and upwards. Let’s go!

– Marcus, Morten, Nicole, Klara, Camilla, Elsa, Niklas, Eva, Mats, Gibson & Sam

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