International Benchmark Study for Talent Attraction and Retention – Want to be a part of it?

Our first international benchmark study


We have had something cooking for a while, which we have been excited to share with you. With our Switch to Sweden international student retention survey and the Berlin Expat survey we have started to pilot data driven analytics products for our clients.

But that is just the beginning. We are really proud to announce the continuation of our collaboration on the Switch to Sweden project with Linköping Science Park, funded by Vinnova. Utilizing the student retention study as baseline, we will be creating an international benchmark for talent attration across the Nordics and Europe in collaboration with European Talent Mobility Forum.

We are collecting comparable cross-country data from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Netherlands and Spain to understand the challenges of international talents, and their satisfaction (or lack thereof). Once data is collected and analysed, we can better identify the biggest sense of urgency locally in country X. In addition to mapping out challenges and inserting them into a benchmark report in a quantifiable manner, we will also work together across Europe to identify solutions for these challenges: To foster increased collaboration, mobility, and retention of talent within Europe. We are currently looking for places in aforementioned countries to take part in the study. Output of the project will include final report with complete data analysis including bencmark data and country profiles, comparable performance on satisfaction level of target group and ranking of decision making factors plus of course co-creation with other organisations taking part.

Would your place like to share challenges and co-create solutions on international talent attraction with other European places, and be a part of the eventual benchmarking report? Contact Morten if you want to explore how you can be part of this journey!

Morten King-Grubert
Director of Talent and Business Development
Phone:+45 61 30 45 26

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