One of the Biggest Assignments of Our History – The Electrification Hub Partnership

New talent and business attraction assignment for the Electrification Hub

We at Future Place Leadership are very excited to reveal our new assignment, which is one of the biggest in the history of our company. We will over the coming year support the talent attraction and investment promotion efforts of Electrification Hub, an innovation accelerator focusing on electrification, energy and electromobility. With its base in the Mälardalen region in Sweden, Electrification Hub counts members such as NorthvoltVolvo GroupABBHitachi EnergyMälardalen UniversityUppsala UniversityEpiroc and Alstom.

Our role will be to help create strategies, action and marketing plans, campaigns and activities for attraction and retention of international talent and new investments into the region. We will do this together with our partners at We Select, who specializes in digital talent attraction and recruitment. We will be sharing cases, wins and learnings along the way with you so your place can gain knowledge and possibly adopt some of the best practices sourced from the project. Watch this space!

“We couldn’t be more thrilled about this assignment. Electrification Hub boasts cutting-edge expertise and leading corporations in electromobility and electrification – and the ecosystem has the potential to become a true global beacon that attracts talent and investment from far afield. We at Future Place Leadership are strong advocates of climate action and sustainability, and it feels great to support Electrification Hub’s ambition to drive the transition towards a fossil-free society in Sweden and globally”,
says Marcus Andersson, CEO of Future Place Leadership.

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