Talentmark – Digital Campaign for the Dutch Life Sciences & Health Sector

Pilot digital campaign for Operators in Life Science & Health Sector with Talentmark


We love working with one of our recent customers: Talentmark, a recruitment company. The task at hand: Present pre-qualified Process, Machine and Logistic Operators for their client employers in the Dutch Life Sciences and Health sector.

The project is experimental, a prototype of sorts, for us on multiple levels:

1) The customer is a private, intermediary party – instead of government,
2) The talent profile we are targeting are vocationally trained people (called MBO-level in the Dutch system) – instead of an academic profile,
3) The geographical scope is national: four regions within the Netherlands – instead of international targeting and,
4) We are also targeting candidates from adjacent industries and similar skills’ profiles as the scarcity level for operators is ever increasing.

Within the first 4 weeks since launching the marketing campaign, over 50 willing and able qualified candidates have received a phone call. At this moment, an interview with one of the employers has been set for more than 10 of them. First contract to be signed hopefully this week. In addition to the numbers, the results confirm that a hush of humor is highly appreciated. We will report back fully once the campaign and recruitment process have ended. To be continued!

Questions, comments, something your region would be interested in?

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