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Nordic digitalisation project for attractive cities and regions

Starting April 2018

Join our new Nordic development and co-creation project for making your cities and regions more attractive, using digitalisation!


Digital transformation offers immense opportunities for making places more attractive for residents, talent, investors and visitors.

Yet many places struggle to foster a strategic approach to digitalisation, to involve stakeholders and citizens in creating new solutions or to understand which technologies that offer most benefits. This poses the question:

How can digitalisation be used to create more attractive places? 

Cities and regions aim to grow their economy, innovation capacity and improve the welfare of their citizens. This is why digitalisation is high on their agenda and is close to becoming a hygiene factor. Many services provided by cities are expected to be provided digitally or have digital applications to improve their impact. Whether it is healthcare, social services, traffic, utility systems, elderly care, education or open data for smart cities – digitalisation will affect cities and places, and the services they provide.

In order to attract or retain residents, investments, visitors and talent cities need to push their capacities to innovate and work towards being more attractive. This requires a vision which can be shared and communicated, a strategy that guides priorities, and the right tools to move from words to action.

This development project focuses on these qualities.

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You will benefit from the programme’s content, networking and practical examples, that will enable you to become a frontrunner in digitalisation. Be more attractive and take the lead in advancing the digital innovation. The purpose of the project is to:

  1. Study best practices and tools for digitalisation of cities and other places
  2. Learn, network and share experiences with your Nordic peers
  3. Workshop and co-create innovative work methods
  4. Learn about the potential digital solutions and their implementation
  5. Follow-up progress after prototyping potential solutions

Important questions to be addressed:

  • How can different stakeholders – such as city/region, business, academia and social entrepreneurs – collaboratively employ digital transformation in order to create more attractive places?
  • How can the change needed to adopt new technologies and solutions be managed? How can resistance to new technologies be overcome?
  • How can places make open data available to stakeholders and target groups? And what are the risks and pitfalls? How can collaboration be encouraged and risks be mitigated ?
  • How can policymaking and work modes be more agile and innovative in order to unlock the full potential of digital technologies?
  • Which are the technologies available that can help create new services and solutions that improve place attractiveness?


Future Place Leadership, a Stockholm based place management consultancy, will provide the strategic framework and management tools. ustwo, a Malmö and London based digital product studio, will provide the insights into digital tools. Together, we will provide all the necessary facilitation to get from words to action.

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