Highlights – Nordic Place Branding Conference 2018


The Nordic Place Branding Conference 2018 was successfully concluded on March 7th in Copenhagen. With 210 participants from the Nordics, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria, UK, Poland, USA and Singapore, and 12 speakers representing both Nordic and global place branding innovators, this was the largest – and hopefully best – NPBC yet.

From the feedback we learned – among other things – that NPBC18 had “forward thinking and practical advice at its best and displayed genuine thought leadership.”

Read a full summary on The Place Brand Observer here.

This year we had more focus on networking and parallel workshop sessions. We will continue and develop these features for next year.

Among the many inspiring and practical examples from Singapore, Barcelona and Estonia to the Nordics, we learned about value-based place branding, stakeholders engagement, how to make old enemies friends and work together towards the branding and development of your place.

Branding small places is hard but not impossible, as we saw from great examples such as Træna in Norway, Varberg in Sweden and Kotka in Finland. Innovation and creativity are the name of the game to put a smaller place on the map.

Nordic Place Branding Conference 2019 will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

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