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Onboarding New Employees for TalentScotland


We were excited when our long term collaborator and client, TalentScotland told us they were adding 2 full time employees to their department, and they wanted us to be part of onboarding the new team members. While TalentScotland naturally took care of internal onboarding using their normal organizational procedures, we came in with an outside-in perspective.

In 2 online sessions we covered everything we know about talent and places from 10+ years of working in depth in the industry across Europe including topics such as:

  • The business case – How does talent attraction and retention fit into economic development?
  • Talent Attraction Management for places – Methodologies for working in this field and the role of the project manager
  • The Copenhagen and State of Denmark journey from FDI to talent attraction and retention.
  • The International House concept on soft landing and retention
  • What happens when employers and the place start collaborating on the talent agenda?
  • How to do digital talent attraction campaigns for places
  • Ambassador networks as promotion and retention enablers
  • Best practice from Europe on how places can attract and retain international talent

Subsequently we spent a third session tying what we see in the market to the special local needs of the business unit of TalentScotland as well as the role and responsibilities of the new hires providing insights to and co-creating a short and medium term action plan.

Says Morten King-Grubert of Future Place Leadership:

As the human capital agenda increasingly is becoming essential to economic growth for all places, cities, regions and government agencies across the world have entered the race in full force to position themselves as career destinations for global talent. And now they need to adapt to a post pandemic world or changes in the industry related to remote work and talent preferences. We are really happy we can utilize our experience to help new business professionals stepping into this industry with a complete overview of what is up and down. And then tie it specifically to their task at hand.

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