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Digitalisation for Attractive Places: Tourism

May-November 2020
An innovation and co-creation project for Nordic cities and regions

In 2020, we will choose 15-20 Nordic cities and regions and help them to innovate and develop the digitalisation of the tourism sector. 

The purpose of the project is to make cities and regions more attractive for tourists and visitors. 

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Taking digitalisation for places to the next level

Tourism is one of the industries and aspects of a place – a city or region –  that is undergoing heavy digitalisation. It is also one of the fastest growing industries in the world and a major employer. At the same time, competition between tourism destinations is fierce and many destinations struggle with scarce resources. 

Last year, we ran the first edition of the project Digitalisation for Attractive Places together with 35 people from 12 different Nordic regions and municipalities. The participants learned about tools and strategies for digitalisation, such as Service Design, co-created new tools and prototyped and innovated new digital solutions. 

We collected the project learnings in  a toolbox for inspiration and knowledge sharing. If you are curious,  here is the handbook!

Why tourism?

One of the main conclusions from the 2018 project was: many tourist destinations need to re-think and innovate how they work with digitalisation – therefore, in 2020 will focus on digital tourism. 

From place digitalisation – to tourist destination digitalisation 

In 2020, we will help Nordic cities and regions Digitalise Tourist Destination Development & Marketing.

  • Questions to be addressed:
  • How to lead and manage the digitalisation of your destination for visitors?
  • What are the best methods for innovating and developing new solutions?
  • How can it be done with scarce resources?  

In this Nordic project we focus on challenges, qualities and ambitions related to tourist destination development and marketing – and use innovative methods such as service design and change leadership.  

We now invite 15-20 destinations, cities and regions in the Nordic countries to this innovation and co-creation project.  

Figure: The process – 4 steps to successs


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Project participants pay a fee according to their category and number of inhabitants of their location. Up to three participants per partner can participate in each meeting*: 

National government agencies and ministries   € 11,900 

City/regional organisations (more than 100,000 inhabitants)   € 8,900 

City/regional organisations (between 50,000-100,000 inhabitants)   € 6,900 

City/regional organisations (less than 50,000 inhabitants)    € 4,900 

Clusters and science parks   € 4,900 


*Partners that wish to bring more than three participants to a meeting can do so for a small additional fee. 

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Download the handbook on Digital Transformation for Attractive Cities.

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Digitalisation for Attractive Places: Tourism

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