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Given closed borders, increased remote work, rising unemployment rates and the overall challenges of COVID-19, one would think that talent attraction and retention for places would be in limbo. We at Future Place Leadership have however seen a fascinating development. In fact, we are engaged with multiple clients all over Europe and beyond.

For your inspiration, here is what we have been doing with clients around the world lately:

  • Quantitative and qualitative benchmark analysis – How does my region compare to our main competitors?
  • Ambassador programme – How to leverage talent and diaspora as a peer to peer attraction tool and retention programme?
  • Study tours – How to be inspired digitally or physically by visiting leading destinations in Europe?
  • International partnerships – How to leverage the value of European Talent Mobility Forum?
  • COVID-19 – What can and should places do within talent attraction management in this new world order?
  • From strategy to operation – How to improve existing initiatives and identify new business areas?
  • The business case – How does talent attraction and retention fit into regional development?
  • Stakeholder and employer engagement – How to improve the multi-partnership collaboration?
  • From branding to business – How to develop the right funnel from generic awareness to tangible value proposition needed to stand out in a crowded market?

And speaking of COVID-19. If you missed our discussion with European Talent Mobility Forum on how to navigate the pandemic, you can watch the webinar here

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