Book: Innovating Talent Attraction

Why are some cities or regions better at attracting and retaining talent? Is geography destiny? Well, while sunny weather always helps, there are many critical success factors that we can influence.

All cities and regions can improve the services that we offer to international talent, their spouses and careers.

Learn about the cases, tools and strategies behind some of the most innovative places when it comes to talent attraction.

This is a reflection of our work during the recent years, with examples and tips for you who are working or just starting to work with Talent Attraction Management. The book has been co-written by our co-founder Marcus Andersson, our strategic adviser Morten King-Grubert and the Talent Director of Copenhagen Capacity, Nikolaj Lubanski.

The book is pioneering the field of innovating talent attraction. It is the first practitioner’s guide on how to form a strategy and develop operational activities in order to attract and retain international competencies. With models and cases from Austin, Berlin, Copenhagen, Eindhoven, Singapore, Toronto, and more, this book will assist every project manager, politician, marketing or brand specialist who is aiming for their region and city to move ahead in the competition for the world’s brightest minds.

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