Digital transformation for cities and regions

How can we help a place digitalise?
Our services are coaching, workshops, analysis, benchmarks, strategies and action plans as well as customer journeys, affinity mapping, mental models and opportunity mapping.

Digital transformation offers immense opportunities for making places more attractive for residents, talent, investors and visitors.

Yet many places struggle to foster a strategic approach to digitalisation, to involve stakeholders and citizens in creating new solutions or to understand which technologies that offer most benefits.

Success is related to some critical questions:

  • How can different stakeholders – such as city/region, business, academia and social entrepreneurs – collaboratively employ digital transformation in order to create more attractive places?
  • How can the change needed to adopt new technologies and solutions be managed? How can resistance to new technologies be overcome?
  • How can places make open data available to stakeholders and target groups? And what are the risks and pitfalls? How can collaboration be encouraged and risks be mitigated ?
  • How can policymaking and work modes be more agile and innovative in order to unlock the full potential of digital technologies?
  • How can technologies/methods such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Big Data, blockchain and Machine Learning (AI) be used for making a place more attractive to residents, companies, investors, talents and tourists?

Digitalisation in a place setting is both about strategy, change leadership and collaboration, as well as digital solutions and the technology they are based on.

The services are provided in co-operation with ustwo, a digital studio based in London, Malmö, New York and Sydney with 300 designers, developers and strategists.

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