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Talent Attraction Management for cities, regions and countries

How can cities attract talent?

The competition for talent is increasing rapidly. More and more places develop a systematic approach to talent attraction, retention and development.  

We help your municipality, region, government agency or startup ecosystem with:

  • Facilitating development and co-creation of strategies, action plans and organisational design  
  • Coaching and advise on strategy, operations, organisation and change leadership  
  • Situation analysis and benchmarking with leading regions
  • Stakeholder engagement and how to work with corporate partners  
  • Training and inspiring staff   
  • Innovation, ambassador networks, business development and marketing campaigns 
  • How to navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19? 

Learn more about what Talent Attraction Management is here

Also, check out the annual training Talent Attraction Management for European Cities and Regions on the website of our sister company, Place Leadership Academy. At the lab you can also check out our online Masterclass programme here.

We have also developed specific expertise in how to help cities and startup ecosystems attract more women into the tech and startup sector. See our Women in Tech white paper for more information. 

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Read more about Talent Attraction Management.

How can we help you? Get in touch with our Director of Talent Attraction, Morten King-Grubert.

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