Talent Attraction Management

How can cities attract talent?

More and more European cities and regions are taking active steps to enhance their attractiveness to talent and skilled professionals. How to attract more talent as a place?

What are the best strategies and tools for this? To answer the demand we have introduced the concept of Talent Attraction Management for places – cities, regions and countries. Talent Attraction Management or TAM is an integrated approach that sees talent attraction and retention as the management of four interrelated types of activities, coupled with coordination of those activities:

  1. Talent Attraction – marketing and recruitment activities
  2. Talent Reception – welcoming and ‘soft landing’ activities
  3. Talent Integration – activities aimed at helping talent to settle in and prosper in the longer term, e.g. networks for professional and social integration
  4. Talent Reputation – place branding and employer branding efforts and ambassador network models
  5. Management of the talent ecosystem – the glue that keeps the regional work to attract and retain talent together.

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