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Energy efficiency is a means to work smart with creating and consuming energy, or “doing more with less”. Measures linked to energy efficiency address both the production and consumption of energy. The building sector is of strategic importance for energy efficiency as buildings account for 40% of the energy consumption and 36% of the CO2 emissions in the EU. 

If we build and reconstruct buildings in a fashion that does not waste resources, placing the emphasis on sustainability, we will contribute to fighting the climate crisis. Energy efficiency is often referred to as “the first fuel”, the resource to be used before all other energy options. Energy efficiency is the lowest-cost energy option to meet the greenhouse gas reduction targets under the Paris Agreement (World Bank, 2018).

We are glad to have contributed our part to fighting the climate crisis, the single most important challenge the human kind is facing. In mid 2019, we conducted a pre-study for the Swedish Institute for their annual Baltic Leadership Programme. This pre-study serves as structural capital for creating and carrying out the new Baltic Leadership Programme on Energy Efficiency. There is momentum and demand for SI BLP on Energy Efficiency. As we concluded in our pre-study, international co-operation is lacking, needed, welcomed and needs facilitation to scale up to work in a systematic way. More should – and can be done.

We thank our co-operation partner Torben Esbensen, who is a leading expert in this field and played a key role in ProjectZero Sønderborg which will help the Danish city become CO2 neutral by 2029.

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