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Simon Anholt at the Nordic Place Branding Conference 2020


Simon Anholt is the author of five books about places and their images, and an advisor to the leaders of 56 countries, cities and regions over the past two decades.

What is left to say that we can’t hear from his TED videos, with millions of views? Simon’s TED talk launching the Good Country Index has received over six million views and was ranked as the #5 “most inspiring” TED talk ever. He has shared with us  seven habits of highly successful cities.

It’s time for some new questions: No longer “how well are you doing?” but “how much are you doing?”. No longer “what is your competitive advantage?” but “what is your gift to the world?”. No longer “what can we say to make ourselves famous?” but “what can we do to make ourselves relevant?”

At the Nordic Place Branding Conference, Simon will talk about how countries as well as cities, regardless of location or size, can create change for their citizens – and change the way others think about them.

There are ten principles that characterise place branding 2.0. Read more here.

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Nordic Place Branding Conference is a leading annual place development event founded and organised by Future Place Leadership.

Article from The Place Brand Observer

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