Smart city week


Smart Cities increasing the attractiveness of your city

Smart cities are everywhere. It is inspiring,  but at the same time navigating in the rich scene of smart cities may be difficult.

We at Future Place Leadership work with how smart cities can be connected to the attractiveness of cities and regions. How to organise and manage that interplay between strategies, visions and organisations from various sectors. How to exercise place leadership.

How do smart cities work and how do they increase the attractiveness of a city? How to engage the community, co-create the ways technical solutions are applied and contribute to building a better urban environment? How to avoid a culture of sameness when everybody are claiming to be smart?

Smart City Events

Finland –

We were very glad to have been a part of the SME2GO Smart City Export event in Helsinki in May 18-19 to learn about how to export smart city solutions California and Mexico – where we have our man Fernando Castillo Rey who works with clusters, branding and smart cities. An inspiring event with Turku Science Park, Västerås Science Park, Sitra, Helsinki Business Hub and other great partners.


Germany –

How to make smart cities and how to translate that into attracting more talent? Morten King-Grubert, our strategic adviser was in Rostock 14-17th of May to discuss smart cities and talent attraction at Union of Baltic Cities “Planning Cities and Smart&Prospering Cities” event where he was sharing best practices of regional internationalisation attracting investors, tourists and talents.

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