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Strategic place branding for Basel, Switzerland


Basel is one of the world’s most liveable cities. It ranks high in indices measuring life quality and attraction. In 2019, Mercer listed in as the tenth most liveable city in the world. How can a region – Basel canton – with only ca 200 000 inhabitants punch so high globally?

Professor Greg Clark, one of the leading experts on cities, has listed seven habits of successful cities. Among these are knowing your DNA (your brand identity), benchmarking and building alliances. (see more about Greg at our Nordic Place Branding Conference site.)

Successful cities learn and act. That is exactly what Basel is doing. We helped them to learn more about how they are perceived in the wider world (brand image) and did benchmarking studies in order to learn from the best. Our focus was on investment promotion and crafting a regional framework for a brand alliance.

We know that 70% of international talent extend their initial 3 year stay in the city. In other words, talent retention is strong. People stay because they find the entire work-life package very satisfying.

In general, attracting investments and talent, a city or region can act as a driver or co-driver when people make decisions to invest or relocate. Places that do not have a brand as an asset, have only the employer brands as the single driver. The Basel region has tremendous employer brands and it is working hard to stay at the very top in the international place brand league.

We are honoured to have been able to work with them.

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