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Switch to Sweden – Data Driven Solution to Improve International Student Retention in Sweden


We have been exceedingly happy with the project collaboration with Linköping Science Park in the Vinnova funded Switch to Sweden Project.

The main purpose of the ongoing project has been to identify the market failure behind aspiration and reality, meaning the high intent of international master and Ph.D students seeking to stay in Sweden upon graduation, versus the severe drop in actual numbers of retention. We’ve surveyed STEM students and conducted statistical analysis on their responses in order to provide recommended action.

The analysis has been based on these primary research questions:

  • Why does an international Master’s or PhD student come to Sweden? 
  • To what extent do they see themselves living in Sweden long-term? And what would make them stay?
  • Do the UN SDGs matter to the target group?
  • Do they agree with current suggested action for Higher Education Institutions and government?
  • What do they need the most help with to be able to stay after graduation?

We are really excited about working with data driven solutions to labor market needs of a country. This particular case is fascinating as we in our work across Europe and beyond, we see so many cases where retention of international students after graduation is either not a focus area or simply not successful. We applaud Switch to Sweden for prioritizing action in this area and look forward to support the implementation of the recommendations. – Morten, Future Place Leadership

Access to the report

Speaking of the results and recommendations. Stay tuned. The final report will soon be out and then we will happily share the hidden gems.

Let’s discuss how we can develop a benchmark survey?

Do get in touch with Morten if you want to explore a international student survey in your region and co-create a new benchmark tool to profile a more data driven benchmark approach to your human capital activities within global talent.

About Switch to Sweden:

Switch to Sweden – improve the match between highly skilled international talent and Swedish organizations

The recruitment of international students and researchers has become critical for Swedish organizations. This is due to the growing need for skilled talent, mostly in knowledge-intensive industries. However, most competent international talent leaves Sweden after finishing their studies. 

Switch to Sweden is a national project, financed by Vinnova, that aims to increase the number of qualified matches between Swedish companies and highly-skilled international talent that is already in Sweden. By gaining more insight into the target groups, it is possible to identify needs and opportunities to improve the chance of preparing international students and Swedish companies for a successful match. Then with the help of an AI matching tool, the matching process will be performed on specific activities during the 3-year duration of the project.

The project is led by Linköping Science Park, an organization where both target groups are represented.

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