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Talent Attraction for Places – When The Customer is a Recruitment Agency


We have been involved in talent attraction campaigns for places in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands and Italy amongst others. Most often the client is the public sector or an umbrella organisation working within economic development.

We have started a recent partnership with Talentmark, which is a full service recruitment firm specializing in the life science sector.

Future Place Leadership is all about empowering places from cities to countries to solve the human capital agenda in their region. In doing so, we are really excited to also service the private market in a given region directly. Working with Talentmark to create a talent pool of prequalified Operator, which Talentmark can then process as part of their recruitment activities to their customer portfolio of companies predominantly located in Leiden Bio Science Park is an important milestone with great growth potential across Europe and beyond. A good testcase to proof the concept of profile based talent pools also works for vocationally trained people, at a national scale. – Nicole van Haelst, Future Place Leadership

In designing and executing the campaign the key deliverables are:

  • Provide a talent pool of operators that can work in the Life Science and Health Industry
  • Campaign management and execution with digital outreach channel, persona and market selection
  • Call to action and ads development
  • Funnel development from awareness to interest and desire to conversion
  • Create attractive website with place branding for Leiden
  • Create advertisements for data scientists
  • Create chatbot conversation

The LBSP is the largest Life Sciences & Health (LSH) campus in the Netherlands that brings together young talent, researchers and entrepreneurs to work on achieving longer, healthier lives for everyone.

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