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A successful seminar on talents in Porto, Portugal


Due to high demand, we annually hold an open training session called Talent Attraction Management for European Cities and Regions. It  provides participants with strategies and tools to successfully attract and retain talented people.

Why do this?

The global competition for talent is rapidly intensifying. Not only do employers need to step up efforts to attract and retain international talent, but cities, regions and countries are now entering this competition as well. More and more European locations are now taking active steps to enhance their attractiveness to skilled workforce, creative talent and entrepreneurs – but what are the best strategies and tools for attracting talent, now and in the future?

Nearly half a decade

Talent Attraction Management Training Programme was held for the first time in 2016 in Amsterdam and Copenhagen and in 2017 in Berlin, 2018 in Malmö and Lund. We have had up to four people delegations from among others Singapore, Dubai, Birmingham, Italy, Copenhagen, Berlin, Brandenburg Region, Aarhus, Hannover, Work in Estonia, Oulu, Turku, Skövde and The New York Times.


This is our annual lunch-to-lunch training programme with concrete best practice cases, breaking down of the success factors, what works and what does not. We’ve been told this is music to the ears of professionals working in the field. After all, they want to know what will be key in the near future to be an internationally competitive career destination, how to attract and retain talents.

Participants these past four years have had the possibility to join a LinkedIn community of nearly 100 global talent managers.


Stay tuned for news on the TAMEU20 session in November!


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