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Walk and Talk: How can Oslo (and you) cater to global talents in a post pandemic world?

How do you cater to global talents in the post pandemic world?

Oslo State of the City 2021 report

Our friends in Oslo Business Region and Osloregionen recently asked our very own talent for places expert Morten King-Grubert to do a walk and talk reflecting on the very insteresting 2021 Oslo State of the City report. Main question: Does Oslo has the ingredients to cater to talent in a post-Covid world?

We believe the reflections and leassons learned from us at Future Place Leadership could be relevant to places across the Nordics and Europe interested in the human capital agenda. Thus happy to share.

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Some key points:

  1. In general: Nordic society and values of open societies, trust, collaboration, work-life balance, healthcare, and sustainability were pre-Covid already a strong value proposition to global talents from empowerment of gen Z to more senior experts with families. Now they will be multiplied.
  2. The future of talent attraction for places is not all physical relocation, but somewhat remote 2.0. Maybe I live in Oslo and work for a Copenhagen employer. Or I live in Copenhagen and work for an Oslo employer. Or very likely a combo of the 2.
  3. Many places tend to jump at attraction because it’s is cool to see your brand on the global billboards, but I say don’t start with attraction if soft-landing and retention is not fixed. The problems of your current users won’t go away rather multiply when attracting new talents.
  4. Place does matter! We are “selling” a life not “just” a job. And we want a place with a purpose and society we trust. The more emotional selling points of the place DNA are often the initial talent attraction hooks in the best campaigns we have seen in the market.
  5. Also consider what you can give to the global talent so it’s a tick on their resume to have worked in the region rather than the region getting the competence they need?

So dear Oslo:

Opportunity exist as demand is being pushed towards smaller cities with a higher quality of life:  Big enough to matter with sustainable, healthy and lively urban city living with remoteness at the doorsteps from co-creation space to nature.

In other words: the Nordic way of the ‘15 minute’ city model that combines medium density with high amenity can also work to Oslo’s advantage. Combined with the development of being a frequently recognised as leader globally in EVs, software, automation, green finance and sectors, where I as global talent gain from relocation to Oslo.

We believe Oslo has a chance to win. And the time is now to get to work. Your competitors are already out there positioning themselves.


If you have any questions about the Oslo State of the City report, get in touch with Morten King-Grubert.

Read more about our recent work in talent attraction here.

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