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The Finnish national programme to attract and retain talents

How can countries work with talent attraction?

Have you ever considered working in Finland? Perhaps no – or not yet! Finland has been considering offering you, an international a rewarding working experience and enjoyable life quality. It’s not that the Nokia and Angry Birds producing country hasn’t got the talent – they are most likely hired or starting-up.

This Nordic country is need for highly-skilled talent like its Nordic and European peers. ICT, engineers, life-science, marketing talent – there are many sectors whose growth is or will be hampered due to lack of right skills.

Talent Boost Finland

But unlike many other countries, Finland is doing something about fixing its talent needs, called Talent Boost. It is a national programme initiated and co-ordinated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, carried out as a joint cross-sectoral programme within the government. Its aim is to raise awareness of Finland and make it more attractive to international talents. Other aims include harnessing the expertise of international talents who already are in Finland to support the growth, internationalisation and innovation activities of Finnish companies.

How to work with talents on a national level?

Talent Boost and the governmental talent work is based on among others things the Talent Attraction Management model by Future Place Leadership (see illustration). During several years we have applied this approach to cities, towns and regions. We are immensely proud to see the  Finnish government using our model.

Figure: The Talent Attraction Management model in practise in Finland.

Courtesy of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland.

Laura Lindemann, the coordinator of the Talent Boost programme at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment says: “We have made use of the TAM model while preparing the Talent Boost program together with the major cities and other ministries. The figure illustrates, in a clear and simple way, that with attracting talents, everything in the ecosystem is connected. To be successful at attracting and retaining talents, management of the ecosystem is necessary.”

How can others benefit?

We strongly encourage to learn how the Talent Boost programme has been set up and monitor the upcoming events that they have.

The Talent Attraction Management model itself can be applied in any scale. It is a structure to manage a multiple stakeholder environment in sustained long-term push for leading change and orchestrating the ecosystem in a way that results concrete talent services by different parties.

More information

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