The Cluster as a Brand – the Master Class. Brussels April 26-27

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The Cluster as a Brand – the Master Class

The event is closed for registration. See below for course description. Here is a summary. 

The event was a success with a mixed European crowd. Participants included North and South Finland to South Sweden to middle Denmark, Catalonia, Basque Country, Austria, Ireland, Ireland, Flanders and Brussels. This was an all European event offering insights into how clusters in their various maturity stages and geographic regions function and plan their work.

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Locations all over the world compete for investments, export, talent, resources, political attention and media space. This is no less true for business clusters. In this competition, attractiveness and reputation become critical factors – and brand building and strategic marketing essential tools.

But how can a cluster become a strategic brand builder? How do you position the cluster to attract talents, investments and new firms and to support internationalisation of cluster firms?

The purpose of this Master Class is to provide the participants with knowledge on and inspiration for how cluster managers and investment promotion professionals can work with strategies and tools for cluster marketing and branding in order to create recognition and attractiveness for the cluster and its firms. Given the strong interest in our one-day training seminars “the Cluster as a Brand” held in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki in 2013 and 2014, we will run a European Master Class.

Cluster Branding and Marketing
About the Master Class

The target groups for the seminar are primarily:

  • cluster practitioners working for cluster organisations, cluster initiatives or science parks,
  • cluster facilitators at city, regional or national level working to facilitate cluster development and/or who are in charge of cluster programmes, and
  • investment promotion practitioners on regional and national level.

The Master Class builds on the handbook ”Cluster Branding and Marketing – A Handbook on Cluster Brand Management” that has been produced within the frame of a Nordic collaboration project in co-operation with Tendensor. Download the handbook here.

Some of the questions that will be discussed are:

  • Why and for whom is the cluster reputation important?
  • How can we create a process that ensures that the branding strategy of the cluster is used and supported by firms and other cluster actors?
  • How can we work with strategic positioning of the cluster?
  • How can we strengthen the cluster brand and identity by using other brands in and around the cluster?

Discussion and exchange of experiences between the participants from all over Europe will constitute an important part of the Master Class. The seminar will be held in English.


The fee is 790 EUR (excl. VAT) per single person; two or more: 650 € (excluding VAT) per person.

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Date: 26-27 April 2017

Venue: Brussels, Belgium.

  • April 26 at the Danish Embassy (opening words by H.E.M. Louise Bang Jespersen).
  • April 27 at the Gothenburg EU Representation.

Fee: 790 EUR (excl. VAT) per single person
Discount: If you register two or more: 650 € (excluding VAT) per person from two or more people from one organisation or location.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Pärtel-Peeter Pere at Future Place Leadership on +372 5664 0610 or

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