Talent Attraction Management for Science Parks, Incubators and Clusters

Talent Management for Science Parks, Incubators and Clusters
Download the handbook (in Swedish)

The Talent Management for Innovation ecosystems (TMI) handbook is now available in Swedish.

This is the result of a co-operation project by Nordic Place Academy. Team – Mats Segerström (Future Place Leadership), Jan Snygg (Place Consulting) and Per Ekman (Tendensor).

The first edition is available in Swedish and can be downloaded below. Read what SISP (Swedish Incubators & Science Parks) wrote about the project here.


A collaboration project with focus on Talents in innovation ecosystems

Innovation ecosystems – cluster organisations, science parks and incubators – play a key role in both branding the location as an attractive place for talent, as well as launching concrete strategies and activities to attract, retain and develop talent, to the direct benefit of businesses and other ecosystem stakeholders.

In the TMI project the participating organisations have shared experiences, carried out studies of best practice and collaborated to develop tools and strategies for helping Nordic clusters, science parks and incubators to attract, retain and develop talent.

Each organisation participated with 3 people and during the project each innovation ecosystem hosted a seminar making the results of the project available and informing their respective local and regional networks, with the aim of creating awareness and sense of urgency about the need for working with talent attraction practices.

Findings and tools

The project focused on Talent attraction and the needs of entrepreneurs and the innovation ecosystem. Virtual talent attraction is a relevant approach when we cannot find the talent we need in our place and Soft landing for talent is especially important in a challenging innovation environment. Talent development and integration can be viewed in the perspective of the TMI-model with the innovation ecosystem wedged between the needs and opportunities of the Place and the startups that thrive in it. For long term development, the model based on different types of capital (human capital, social, financial, brand and structural capital) is useful, each type of capital with a set of tool to enable growth.


NOTE: Future Place Leadership also operates the concept Nordic Place Academy, in collaboration with Place Consulting and Tendensor. Nordic Place Academy brings together a practical range of seminars, conferences and training for place managers in the Nordic countries, with a focus on real-world development projects and experiences.

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