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The effect of pedestrianisation and bicycling and local businesses

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Pedestrianisation, walkability, bicycles and their positive economic effect on businesses

Tallinn (Estland) is about to pedestrianise one of its main streets in the very heart of the city centre. This means improving accessibility and mobility for all citizens, not only for car owners.

We were invited by the Estonia Centre of Architecture to do a case study on how others have done this and what is the correlation between walkability and better access for cyclists between businesses, shops, cafés and their economic activity. The Tallinn High Street project aims to transform a large congested city artery to a lively public space. Learn more here. 


The toolbox showcases examples and tools and shows that pedestrianisation and bicycling have a positive economic effect on businesses that are directly affected by it. Despite the size of your city and your climate zone , creating better accessibility and public spaces increases business opportunities and raises revenue for local businesses. Why? The shortest answer – because there are more people on the street. If done right.

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