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Training Clusters in Barcelona

Barcelona training, May 2018

What is the difference between branding and marketing? What are the challenges of branding and marketing a cluster? How to cut through the noise and catch the attention of your target groups in an increasingly saturated communications environment?

These are some of the questions discussed in the training session held in May in Barcelona by Future Place Leadership. The participants were cluster and communication managers of the cluster organisations that are part of the Catalonia Clusters programme.  Coordinated by ACCIÓ, the Catalan Agency for Business Competitiveness, it is one of the longest running cluster programmes in the world. ACCIÓ regularly organises trainings for their cluster organisations.

The discussions were very fruitful and dynamic, reflecting the very high level of development and maturity of the Catalan clusters.

Innovative and cost-effective marketing for standing out

It is increasingly challenging for any actor – be it a consumer brand, government or cluster organisation, to reach its target groups. Explanations abound – the market is saturated and so are the airwaves and Internet; people are more demanding and knowledgeable about their needs and they increasingly become sceptical of one-way, paid media communication.

More and more actors are also prioritising communication activities to promote their interests – including celebrities, athletes, influencers – and almost anyone with interesting content can get million of followers through channels likeYoutube – resulting in a saturated communication landscape. This makes it increasingly challenging to cut through the noise and capture mindshare of target groups – for anyone that has a message to share.

What’s more, cluster organisations have limited means to spend on marketing, so resources need to be used smartly. Viable marketing tactics for cluster organisations include content marketing, focusing on sharing relevant, useful content from cluster members in for example social media, and inbound marketing. The latter is a close cousin of content marketing, aiming at drawing attention to for example your website and generate leads through sharing relevant content.


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Save the date for an upcoming ONLINE SEMINAR on September 13th, European Cluster Collaboration Platform Expert Talks Webinar: Cluster marketing and branding, 16.00-17.00 CET.

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