How-To: Talent Ambassador Programmes

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Morten talks about how to run a successful talent ambassador programme
3 crucial steps to follow and 1 big mistake to avoid

Talent ambassador programmes are majorly trending in talent attraction right now. The great benefit of approaching international talent attraction through ambassador programmes is that smaller regions with limited resources can utilise them as well. Also for regions who are only starting to dip their toes into the pool of global talent attraction, it’s a way to ease into the market. A great case-in-point, the recently launched ambassador programme in Savonia, Finland: Initiative for an ambassador corps of global talents living in the Middle-Savonia region.

Who is better to tell the story of an international talent living and working in your region than someone who has already done it? Utilising talent that is already in your region to spread the word within their lookalike network is the most authentic way to promote your region.

Imagine building a community of global talents already in your region, and how they can then foster a better environment for the new incoming talent. It is also a great talent retention tactic.

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