Nordic placemaking TALK : A child-friendly city #1

Video recording from February 2021

At the beginning of the webinar, we asked you what a child-friendly city was. Here is what we have learned:

1. Design and programming: A child-friendly city has a lot of different activities for kids – especially playful and interactive infrastructures – is spacious and welcomes nature. It offers opportunities to: play, discover, explore, meet, move, run. Unplanned elements that trigger experimentation are important. Many of you pointed out the need for better accessibility with free-of-charge spaces.

2. Qualities: The environment is safe, fun, welcoming, accessible, creative, and playful. People feel happy and equal. It’s intergenerational and creates room for young and old to meet, be together.

3. Process: many answers focused on the participation of children and their caretakers. The needs of children and their caretakers are prioritized and respected, and they are engaged in the process.

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