Talent Attraction Management – Top 4 challenges right now

Morten talks about top challenges in global talent attraction and retention for places

The most important topics and solutions we are discussing globally related to talent attraction and retention right now:

1. Define, communicate and lobby sense of urgency. With priorities rightfully at pandemic response, and dealing with rising unemployment rates, we discuss: Which industry segments have a global talent need, and how can global talent be the recovery solution that creates jobs.

2.  Redefine your value proposition to new world order. Attraction can still be done during a pandemic. The global talents are reachable and interested, but your communication should be tailored to suit the current needs.

3.    International talents in your region need you more than ever.  They are isolated and insecure. Go above and beyond in supporting them.

4.    The future is now. Remote work and Gen Z priorities – These trends are being multiplied by the pandemic.

How to solve these challenges? Get in touch with our Director of Talent Attraction, Morten King-Grubert.

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Also, check out the annual training Talent Attraction Management for European Cities and Regions on the website of our sister company, Place Leadership Academy. At the lab you can also check out our online Masterclass programme.

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