BBC Global News: Country Branding and Sustainability in Post Pandemic Era – By Marcus Andersson

Marcus talks about the role of sustainability in country branding

2021 is a critical window for creating a sustainable future. Marcus Andersson from Future Place Leadership was interviewed by BBC Global News about how countries should exercise country branding in the post pandemic era:

”Many countries and cities claim that they are sustainable and climate friendly in their communications, but few can deliver real, tangible progress.

Building a green brand is primarily about showing, not telling. If you make ambitious brand promises, well, then you need to have an ambitious plan in place – and – most importantly – deliver real change.

And it’s time to act: We have about seven years left of the ‘carbon budget’ to act, to have any chance of reaching the 1.5C target.

The 2010s were about learnings, the 2020s are about real progress. We need action now.”

The video is part of BBC’s new series on sustainability, The Reset – Sustainability Edition.

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