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Zaha Hadid Architects Masterplan for Tallinn Harbour


Zaha Hadid Architects has won the design competition for Tallinn’s Old City Harbour. The growing Nordic harbour will undergo extensive reconstruction and development until 2030.

Future Place Leadership had the privilege to lead the 2 day workshop City forum (Linnafoorum) together with stakeholders, the port, city, planners and the architects, following compiling a workshop report for the project to include the vital stakeholder input for finalising the masterplan.

It was a fun event, with even Jan Gehl making an appearance and commenting on the workshop results.

This is a private development of Port of Tallinn. Nonetheless, they have chosen an open, inclusive and engaging way of working with the Masterplan that will affect the city and its citizens.

ZHA’s plan is titled Streamcity. The plan aims to create a harmonious space. It will bring together commercial, residential and leisure-designed structures, and any unused space will be converted into a public park.

The jury was led by CEO of Port of Tallinn (AS Tallinna Sadam), Valdo Kalm. The winning project was an innovative and global solution for the port area, Kalm said: “The work clearly outlines the diagonals of the pedestrian walkways throughout, around which it builds up a varied and memorable city space.”

Among changing the touch and feel of Tallinn, this historic urban regeneration has already begun to positively affect the brand of the harbour, Tallinn and Estonia, with articles from the Forbes to other major international publications.

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