Europe as a hotspot for global talent – Is it ready?

What’s up Europe? Though Europe has come a long way, it is not yet ready to be the leading talent destination of the world. Despite progress, there are obstacles that leaders and practitioners across Europe must still overcome before the region can call itself the place where the global labour market comes to live, study, […]

‘Accidental Superplaces’ – A Snapshot on Talent Attraction State of Affairs

Accidental Superplaces Talent Attraction learning journey across Denmark, Sweden, Georgia and Central Africa, by Nicole van Haelst, Senior Consultant in Talent Attraction & Retention Recently I returned from an exhilarating trip to Copenhagen and Southern Sweden with a bus full of enthusiastic professionals from the Netherlands, followed by a trip to Tbilisi in Georgia. Fact […]

Regional Promotion with AI-Generated Content and Targeted Messaging

Part two of series: ‘AI & ChatGPT in Talent Attraction and Regional Promotion’ If you haven’t read it yet, the first article ‘An Introduction: How to Leverage AI & ChatGPT in Talent Attraction?’ offers a simplified overview on the basics of the topic and discusses potential applications. This article is by Sam Khosravi, Future Place Leadership‘s Data Analyst, […]

8 Place Attractiveness, Development and Marketing Trends for the Coming Years

The Nordic Place Branding Conference is approaching at a fast rate! The world is also changing at a fast rate. Digitalisation, new behaviours after the pandemic, the climate crisis, accelerating skills shortages, economic downturn, inflation and demographic changes. The list of ever-changing challenges – and opportunities – goes on.   With such an accelerating rate […]

An Introduction: How to Leverage AI & ChatGPT in Talent Attraction?

An Introduction to AI and ChatGPT: Simplifying Complex Concepts One breakthrough in AI (Artificial Intelligence) that has captured significant attention is ChatGPT, which is a powerful language model. ChatGPT has gone from being a fun tool for artificial intelligence enthusiasts to becoming one of the world’s favourite talking points, to soon being a powerful tool […]