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"I’ve worked with this innovative company many times. They know talent attraction and retention, change leadership, place branding and - they know how this is done!

I come from Bilbao, that has one of the most celebrated stories of urban regeneration and attracting international and Basque talent. It’s good to work with the best!"

"I’m a change management practitioner myself and I had a very positive learning experience with Future Place Leadership’s workshop on change management.

We know that various change leadership models are applied in organisations all the time. It is great to see that somebody who understands and knows the theory and practise has applied this in a place setting.

It provided me with some validation, clarity and good conversations with other practitioners. Useful!"

"Place branding is long-term work that requires stakeholders, alignment and change management. It’s great to work with experts that not only know the field, but constantly keeps expanding the horizons.

I like their events, the knowledge and examples. And their Nordic tone of voice."

Working with talent attraction on a national level can be a challenging task. Even with a sense of urgency there is a need to align the agendas between different stakeholders, lobbying, best practices and tools.

With the help of Future Place Leadership's materials and support, not to mention the great networking opportunities they offer, we managed to start and design our strategies based on their talent attraction model.

Now our project is expanding, both in people and scope."

Attracting FDI and working with businesses is a challenging job. And it’s great! The Business Attraction Management training programme I went to was really good and practical. The BAM handbook is on my desk and in constant use. I recommend the BAM holistic approach to developing places to all of my peers working with economic development.

Ivan Jiménez Aira
Bizkaia:talent - Bilbao, Spain
Jouni Eho
Cursor - Kotka, Finland
Øyvind Såtvedt
Osloregion / Oslo Brand Alliance
Leonardo Ortega
Work in Estonia
Catharina Vinther Engqvist
Director, Invest in Aalborg
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Our mission

We make places – cities, regions and countries – more attractive, connected and sustainable for people and business, by helping them to turn the grand challenges of our time into opportunities.

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Focus areas

The leading places of the future will take control and develop their attractiveness and connectedness and use their resources in a sustainable manner.

We have developed the Place Attractiveness Framework to help guide places work to enhance place attractiveness:

We have developed the Place Attractiveness Framework to help guide places work to enhance place attractiveness:

The Attractive Place. What is your identity and vision, what do you do to attract your target groups and how do you manage your forces of attraction?

The Connected Place. Are your start-up environments and clusters, businesses and universities connected and make the most of internationalisation? Do you say that or actually do something to prove that?

The Sustainable Place. A sustainable place attracts business, investors and talent who want in on an exciting development driven by innovation and breaking new grounds, technologically, economically and governance wise.

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