Regional & Economic Development

Managing economic and regional development for cities, regions and countries

Our economic and regional development services focus on helping our clients develop strategies, action plans, learning opportunities and anlyses, primarily in the sub-fields of business development and innovation, rural development, education, culture and creative industries and digitalisation.

To assist our clients, we provide economic and regional development services across our four business areas:

  • Research, insights and benchmarks providing you with the latest data and trends in economic and regional development services.
  • Strategy support and advice in order to help you design and launch new processes, ways of working, action plans and local and regional partnerships for economic and regional development.
  • Planning, designing and executing operational activities that promote economic and regional development.
  • We train your economic and regional development staff and connect you with domestic and international peers in our co-creation and experience sharing labs where we together co-create the future of economic and regional development.


You can find examples of our previous projects below, and we invite you to get in touch if there is anything we can help you with!

How we can help

From analysis to consultation, marketing to co-creation

Data & Insights

Rankings, studies & surveys tailor-made to your needs.

Strategy & Advisory

Our consultancy and innovation arm.

Marketing & Activation

Marketing strategy and campaigns.

Academy & Community

Our training & co-creation workshops, and conferences.

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