How we think.

About us

We are a Stockholm based Nordic management consultancy specialising in the development, innovation and marketing of places.

Our mission: We make places more attractive, connected and sustainable for people and business, by helping them to turn the grand challenges of our time into opportunities. In short, we make places great.

For innovation and co-creation projects and cutting edge trainings, conferences and study visits, please refer to to our sister company Place Leadership Academy.


We offer four types of services: inspiration to start new place-based initiatives, analysis, strategy and execution.

Talent attraction, investment promotion and place branding will remain our core. We will also help our clients become more sustainable and connected, to the benefit of people and business.

Places – cities, regions, countries and innovation arenas – are challenged by attractiveness and urban regeneration, rural economic development, innovation, sustainability and climate change, integration and internationalisation. We will help you deal with these challenges.

How? By helping our clients become better managers of their place and exercise better multistakeholder leadership.

Stay tuned for high quality training courses, events and services.

Organizations we work with.


Nordic Place Academy.
Future Place Leadership also operates the concept Nordic Place Academy, in collaboration with Place Consulting and Tendensor. Nordic Place Academy brings together a practical range of seminars, conferences and training for place managers in the Nordic countries, with a focus on real-world development projects and experiences.

One of the flagship projects of Nordic Place Academy is Business Attraction Management for Nordic Cities and Regions. During April 2015 to February 2016, this 22 partner large project involved 22 different “invest-in” agencies from Northern Europe, involving training workshops and working with 55-70 people at two-day events and one day training session with 20-30 participants each. Content focused on improving Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) and Business Attraction Management (BAM), i.e. innovative tools on getting more new investments and retaining existing ones.

The Place Brand Observer.
The Place Brand Observer is a library of research and a collection of case studies, with lively expert interviews and reflections on latest trends, ideas and opportunities. We invite you to visit and explore. The Place Brand Observer was launched in  2014by Florian Kaefer to encourage a different approach to place branding, and to facilitate access to latest research insights and expert knowledge.

Teleport offers a wonderful tool for people that are on the move. If you want to compare cities against your preferences, just create a profile and Teleport will tell you where your dream city is. An Andreessen-Horrowitz incubated startup, now a MOVE company (since spring 2017).

New York Times.
The New York Times is a high quality newspaper. They have also started to work with place branding and marketing.

Zartis. is an international recruitment agency, specializing in IT. The company is well known for its focus on finding, screening and relocating the best software developers globally. Clients include leading tech companies such as, Zendesk, Udemy,, as well as government agencies attracting talent to their cities.