South Tyrol, Italy – Three Year Talent Attraction Management Strategy

A long term Talent Attraction Management Strategy for South Tyrol, Italy

The project involved analysing the ecosystem, meeting and gathering input from stakeholders, compiling tailored strategic recommendations, budgetting and action planning for the upcoming three years.

In addition we provided input for their work with stakeholders in key clusters, talent recruitment and events, an international benchmarking with European frontrunners and what services they should focus on.

Armed with the strategy, IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige, the economic development agency of the region, will now reach for new heights and standards when working to improve the attractiveness of the region.


The South Tyrol region 

South Tyrol region is a real hidden gem in southern Europe, located at the very north of Italy. It rests between the Alps between Austria and Italy, being a bilingual region (German and Italian) and has managed to make the most of both worlds.

While it registers as a holiday destination, with warm summer sailing on the lakes or winter skiing in the mountains, it has had to work hard to become top of mind for talents.

We met with South Tyrol’s economic development agency IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige at our annual talent attraction event in Berlin back in 2017. Soon after we met again in sunny Bolzano – with incredible views and bicycle infrastructure in and outside the city – to work intensely on their Talent Attraction Management strategy.

Three years later South Tyrol is working with its stakeholders and stronghold clusters such as ICT and automotive industry, having carried through recruiting meetings between companies and talents at several career events. They were successful and companies are enthusiastic about the services and plattforms South Tyrol is offering today.

For example, there is now an automotive cluster Vertical Innovation Camp and they have found a promising format to make talents come to South Tyrol.


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